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5 Easy Steps for Sell Your Gold

Our appraisal process is free, and at no-cost to you.

At the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, we have a simple, 5 Step Process to getting you the highest price for your gold.

Step 1 - Assessing Your Precious Item

Our team of expert appraisers will assess your precious items, taking into consideration their artistry and karat quality, weight and type (24K, 20K, 18K, 14K, 10K, platinum, silver, etc.) We take the time to evaluate each piece for its special and unique value.

Step 2 - Testing for Purity

Like pictures in a frame, your jewelry items are associated with some of your most treasured memories. Even if you're selling it, we know that your items possess great personal value to you. With that in mind, our expert appraisers will handle your pieces with the utmost care, performing an acid test to identify the purity of gold percentage in each of them. Whether you decide to sell your piece or not, you'll finally know its true value.

Step 3 - Defining Its Weight In Gold

At the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, we know that each of your pieces are worth more than their weight in gold to you. For the most accurate of measurements, our expert appraisers use electronic jewelry scales to determine the gram weight of your gold. Next, that gram weight is converted to a number that measures its weight in pure ounces.

Step 4 - Testing the Market

Your piece may be worth more now than when you bought it. To determine that, we verify the current spot price of gold. If you do decide to sell it, no one will pay a higher price for your personal treasures than the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery.

Step 5 - The Offer

We will provide you with a qualified offer based on the real time value of your gold. At the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, your offer can be paid out in cash. You can also opt to trade it in for the same cash value toward any of our new arrivals; a signature piece from the Johnny N designer line, or even a custom-designed piece hand-crafted especially for you.

No Waiting...

Should you accept, your offer from the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery can be paid out in one of three ways:

1- Receive On the Spot Cash!

Given the individual value of your gold, the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery will pay you cash. There is no waiting. We pay you immediately; on the spot. And ours is guaranteed to be the best offer you receive!

2 - Exchange for Something New!

You can opt to trade in the value of your gold toward a new piece to inspire and delight you all over again! Our collection of EGL & GIA certified diamonds is unmatched. Select from any of our new arrivals, the latest trends, choose a signature piece from the Johnny N designer line, or work with our in-house jewelers and expert GIA diamond consultants to create a one-of-a-kind piece crafted to your individual aesthetic style.

3 - Opt for a Gift Certificate!

You can also trade in the value of your offer from the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery for a Gift Certificate to our exclusive Studio City location. Use it the next time you want to treat yourself and shop with us, or give it away as a surprise to someone special.

And, Relax!

Our expert appraisers are here to serve you. And they'll make sure that you are comfortable with each step of the process. At the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, you are in control of your final decision. If you do decide to sell your pieces, you can do so with solid gold confidence!

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